Vail Resorts provides a variety of leave options for Whistler Blackcomb employees needing time off to care for themselves or a family member for personal or health reasons.  This includes leaves for...

  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Compassionate Care
  • Canadian Forces
  • Reservist
  • Apprentice Training
  • Travel Consultant
  • Other & Personal

Leave of Absence

To request a Leave of Absence (LOA), please complete the process described below 30 days prior to your need for leave or as soon as you become aware of the need for a leave of absence. Managers (and their proxies) can complete this form on behalf of the employee for applicable circumstances.

An employee should request time off under a Leave of Absence if they need time off of more than three days and this time off is not related to vacation.

If your physician indicates that you cannot work for 14 days or more, you may be eligible for Short Term Disability pay in coordination with your leave of absence. 

To request a Leave of Absence (LOA), please…

  1. Navigate to Direct Connect at
  2. Select “Learn More & Get Help” and log in
    1. First time logging in? Your username is your Vail Resorts Employee ID (which is located on the front of your ski pass) and the default password is P$wdmmddyy (mmddyy = your date of birth).
  3. Select the “My Work Life & Team” tile
  4. Select “Request Leave of Absence” and complete the associated steps to submit your request.
    1. You will be able to monitor your case under “My Service Cases” within Direct Connect

Canada's Employment Insurance Maternity/Parental Benefits

For more information on Canada's EI benefits for maternity and parental leave, please visit this website.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens with my benefits and Deductions while I'm on Maternity or Parental leave?

A: You are entitled to remain on company paid Benefits provided you pay the Employee portion of premiums. Company paid Benefits include MSP and Flex Benefits. Employee paid premiums include Short-Term and Long-Term Disability and may also include Extended Health, Dental, Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Disability depending on the options you selected at enrolment.

Even though you are paying premiums for disability, this is to ensure that should you be unable to return to work as scheduled due to an illness or injury you would be able to initiate a claim at that point.

If you want to stop your Club Shred, WB Foundation Enviro Fund or Epic Promise Employee Foundation deductions while you are off, you will need to log onto your myvail profile. Go to Payroll/Voluntary Deductions to remove. If you don’t, the amount will go into arrears and will come off your pay when you return to work.

Q: How do I Pre-paying Benefit Premiums and other Deductions?

Upon notification of your intended leave, Benefits will prepare a statement of amounts required to be paid. To remain on the Benefits Plan you must pay your portion. You are not required to continue with WB Foundation. Epic Promise, or Club Shred.

You have a number of options to pay, including deductions from regular pay for a period prior to start of leave; full payment by cheque at start of leave or monthly post-dated cheques. All payments to be coordinated with the Benefits Administrators prior to start of your leave.

Q: How do I get my ROE (Record of Employment) for my EI claim?

You will need to confirm with Benefits that your leave has commenced – sometimes the anticipated start date must change and it is very important that Benefits is aware of this! Benefits will coordinate with Payroll to confirm correct last day paid and start of official leave.

 The ROE will be issued the week of the last pay after the pay cycle of the last day paid is processed. All ROE’s are posted on the Service Canada website and no paper copy is required.

Q: What's a summary of everything I need to do before I go on my leave?

  1. Submit your LOA Form online.
  2. Discuss your leave with your Manager and Benefits.
  3. Coordinate payment of Benefits during your leave.
  4. Stay in touch! Make sure someone contacts Benefits to confirm start of leave!


Q: What do I need to do in order to add my new child onto my benefits plan?

Please email once the child has arrived providing the child’s name and birth date. Please send a copy of the birth certificate once you receive it.

You will be provided with forms in the hospital to add your new child to MSP. Please send the child’s PHN (care card number) once you have it.

Register your new child in Sunlife Benefits: You have 31 days from the birth of your child to update your Sunlife benefits. Benefits will send you an email with your current coverage details once you have notified them of the arrival of your child. You will then confirm via email what (if any) changes you would like to make to your Sunlife coverage.


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