Vacation Pay

Whistler Blackcomb believes that vacation time away from work is essential to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To that end, we require employees to take their annual vacation. It is our intention to balance out the timing needs of the organization and your annual vacation plans.

Whistler Blackcomb’s vacation accrual formula provides greater time away from work than prescribed under the Employment Standards Act; however, the Act still requires that employers ensure employees are taking their annual vacation each year. As a result, employees who do not take their annual vacation will have their vacation time dictated by their Manager.

All Black Group employees are required to take their full annual vacation every 12 months. Seasonal Employees will have their vacation paid out at the end of their season.

Vacation accrual rates are determined by your service hours as illustrated in the table below:

Service Hours

Rate of Accrual

Time off after one full year of accrual

0-5,240 (0-~2.5 years)


2 weeks

5,241-13,600 (~2.5-~6.5 years)


3 weeks

13,601-41,560 (~6.5-20 years)


4 weeks

41,560+ (20+ years)


5 weeks


Sick (Illness) Pay

Sick Pay accrues for Black Group employees at a rate of 2% (one week per year). Sick pay starts at $0 and is earned up to a maximum of 80 hours of accrual. 

Sick Pay is non-reimbursable, meaning it does not get paid out upon separation. Sick Pay is used for the occasional day off sick, to attend to sick dependents, or during the two-week waiting period for Short-Term Disability. 

At the discretion of your Manager, a Doctor’s note may be requested to support recurring or lengthy illnesses.